I TOTALLY GET THIS POST. Every day as the cabinet appointments round out the horror of this election outcome, every day when I hear the words “President-elect Trump,” I want to hit a reset button and get back to 11/7. At first I said, “I can’t understand how we ended up with a narcissistic sociopath for a president!” but every day the reality of how this happened creeps in. Fear and despair and exhaustion. Meaninglessness is better than feeling something. Fear. Fake news. Fear. Too much information for the average person to look beyond the headline, because that headline aligns to their perception, and finding the reality would be too hard, because “god-damn, I’m already working 55 hours a week just to eat/pay for my smart phone/stay alive, and that one black guy I know is cool but all the rest, scary! And illegal immigrants will take those jobs I’m not qualified for and I can’t think about the ones I’m not willing to do like harvest strawberries or clean toilets, and don’t get me started on how Hillary is running a child-slavery ring…” So much fear whipped up by sensationalizing some stories and suppressing others, or making shit up to make money from advertising…and over-working and over-entertaining most people into saying or feeling things they wouldn’t mean if they had the time/sense/opportunity to try them out for real. Yeah. I love The Weekend if I don’t dwell on the words, and when I do, I think, WTF? Why so dark? Oh yeah, I know why. We’re stuck in a cancer. Nihilism is the symptom. Trump is the result.

writer, reader, photographer

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